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We offer training and consulting services.

For bar and restaurant activities, we offer training services and support the business at 360°.


Our consulting service cover every aspect of the hospitality industry:

Concept, brand development, menu creation, marketing, social media, staff training, margin and cost support and growth strategies.


With many years of experience, from New York to Sydney, passing through Milan, Paris and London, we offer a highly experienced team in the Food & Beverage industry.



Menus are an indispensable tool for any F&B company.

Menus need to be the right size, visually appealing, creative, and most importantly, produce the level of gross profit required for the business.

We provide a menu created according to the needs of the restaurant and its customers.

We create the design of a menu that is easy to follow for the guest and capable of promoting products selected by us.

We design a menu with the support of the club / restaurant team so as to be sure that they are able to replicate it 100%.

We introduce spirits suppliers to get the best possible deals for the business.

We analyze the cost of each product on the menu to understand the gross profit of each sale.



The bar/restaurant staff is a key aspect of successful management.


To ensure a strong and prepared team, we organize training days:

costumer service, product knowledge, bartending, station preparation, homemade, and menu engineering.


The importance of promoting an activity such as bars, restaurants and pizzerias on social networks has become fundamental.

With the support of experts in the communication sector, we will build an editorial plan full of contents suitable for communicating the presence of the activity on the market in the best possible way.

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